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Ultimate Family Gift Idea

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Making a Family Recipe Book

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but the truth is, most people relate food to people, places and things and this can be the basis of the ultimate family gift idea. The scent of our favourite food cooking often brings with it a feeling of nostalgia and well-being, so why not capitalize on that by making a family recipe book?

For me, it is the smell of my mother’s meatloaf in the oven. When I was growing up, we would have meatloaf every Sunday night. It was a relaxed meal full of love and laughter. I don’t think there is one person who does not have a smell they can relate to their childhood.

Don’t believe me? Try telling your family that they won’t be smelling the delicious scent of a turkey next Thanksgiving! In my family, it is telling them we won’t be smelling a fresh baked cake when there is a birthday.

These smells and memories are precious to us all and are a gift for our children, no matter how old.

Whether it is a Christmas, birthday, or just because, making sure that your kids are able to relive memories, even after you’re gone is priceless. So why not create your own one-of-a-kind family recipe book? A family gift idea they can treasure and pass down from generation to generation. A culinary inheritance if you will.

How to Create a Collection of Recipes for Your Family.

While you can definitely write recipes out on a card, buy a recipe box, wouldn’t it be great to have a keepsake? There are several ways you can do this, and the only limit is your creativity.

Purchasing a Recipe Book

You can purchase a pre-made one from places like Amazon for quite a reasonable price. These are a couple I found that work awesome:

This is a nice and practical binder style recipe book. Although not specifically a family favourites one, it can certainly be adapted. There are plastic sleeves so you can print your recipe and slip it in.  It is attractive and you can certainly modify it by adding or taking away recipes that may fall out of favor with your family. 


Although more money, this option is a hard over that includes room for more than 80 recipes. It also includes tips and conversion charts. It is an attractive red color and is specifically designed as a family recipe book. 

The Pros to Purchasing

The upside of purchasing one on Amazon is it offers inspiration of ways you can present your information. This choice is perfect for those who don’t feel they are creative make one themselves. It also includes some cooking tips and conversion charts. Of course, it is not an individualized book made specifically for your family.

Do It Yourself

Of course, you could always elect to build your own using supplies found at stationery shops or online. Just use a small white binder that has a clear sleeve on the outside. Purchase clear sleeves to match and cute tabs to separate into main course, appetizers and such. You can choose whether you want to include pictures on blank pages.

One of the benefits of doing it this way is you can print off the recipes and just slip them into a sleeve. You can have as many pages as you need and individualize it as much as you need. The downside is the presentation is maybe not as ‘special’ as it would otherwise. 


If you love this family gift idea but feel you don’t have the time to get creative, another option is to use a template to print off a pre-designed layout. I have created an example of one to download here. Just click to download and you can either print it off and fill it in by hand, or type in your recipes directly onto the file and then printed.

While this doesn’t offer all the flexibility of doing it yourself, you are able to choose how many of each sheet you would like to print and which ones you won’t bother with at all.


Another option is to have a recipe book designed and published for you and your family. This may not be as expensive as you might think. You pay a company like By the Book Publishing to take your recipes, have the book designed and published. Then you purchase however many copies you would like for you and your family.

The pro of doing it this way is you are able to order as many books as you want – a new addition to the family. You can also have it designed in a very individualized way to your family, including photos, logos and designs. The downside to this way of doing it is the expense (it is more expensive than doing it yourself) and it is more involved to add pages to the book.

However you decide to create your family recipe book, you will be guaranteed of leaving a treasured gift for your family; what a better way to show your love?

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  1. This is a great idea for a graduation gift! My daughter will be graduating college next spring and moving out of student housing – she would love this for when she has her own kitchen!

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