Grieving Loss of an Adult Child

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Learning How to Survive When Your Child Dies

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Losing a child has been called the ultimate heartbreak. I can attest to that as I lost my adult child, Adam, when he was 27 years old. He took his life on a sunny day in July. I wondered how I would sever learn how to survive when a child dies. Grieving the loss of my son has changed me.

My life has never been the same and it never will. Grieving the loss of an adult child leaves scars that will never completely heal. But you can continue to live, laugh and love.

Journey of Grieving

Each of us takes a different road when we start on the grief journey and no two trips are entirely the same. This can be hard and lonely. There are rarely any guideposts but lots of people who have never taken the trip trying to tell you how you should travel.

I’m not here to tell you how to grieve. Losing an adult child, doesn’t come with a set of instructions, you won’t take a test and get a passing, or failing grade. You will do the best you can and you will survive.

One thing I have learned over the years since my son died was to take care of my inner life. To practice meditation, positive self-talk and acceptance.

31-Day Free Affirmation Series

I have taken what I have learned over the years and what other parents taught me and created a 31-Day Affirmations Series. It is a simple affirmation you receive in your e-mail once a day.

What is an affirmation? Affirmations are short, simple statements of truth that you speak to yourself.

Daily Affirmations for Parents who are grieving the loss of an adult child. How to Survive when your child dies

You can print it out or just keep it on your mobile to look at during the day.

How Do I Use Affirmations When Grieving a Loss?

Affirmations can be used a number of different ways. You can spend time thinking and repeating that affirmation. You can reflect on what it means to you while on the journey of grieving the loss an adult child. Give thought to what each one means to you; do you agree with it, can you feel the truth in it or are you not in a place to hear it right now?

However you decide to use the affirmations, I hope they bring you some peace and comfort in knowing you are not on this journey alone. We all need help because surviving when your child dies is not something that should be done alone.

Do you want to receive a free 31-Day Affirmations for Grieving Parents? Just sign up here and it will be delivered everyday right to your mailbox. Cancel if they are too much for you at this time, no obligation.

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