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Hubby Prays Part 3

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The Princess’s PDD worker suggested that a supportive roommate might be the answer. What this would mean is someone would be paid to live with her, but they could also have another job. Usually, it would mean that this person invited the Princess to live with her in an existing place. However, because we have a second house, if we could find someone to live there with her, that might work too.

I went home from the meeting feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. How could we possibly make plans with so little resources? Who would want to take on Kenzie as a roommate while working? Who would want to fit her into their lives because they wanted her, not just because they wanted the extra money?

That night, I explained to my husband everything I had learned about our options. He was much more optimistic than I was, as he is with most things in life. He had become her step-father eight months prior and this was his first experience with the bureaucracy special needs parents face on an ongoing basis. So of course, his first response was that we should just pray about it and see what opportunities presented themselves.

“Yeah, sure,” I thought. I didn’t want to pray about it, I wanted to DO something!

After we had talked it out, we both sat quietly at our respective computers, checking out Cityville and twitter. All of a sudden, I had a flash.

“Hon, isn’t your niece Ashley going to the University here in September?” I asked him.

“Uh, yeah, I think so. My sister said something about looking for a place for her to live.” He responded. Our eyes met across the space between our desks. A smile spread across my face. It took a moment or two but slowly the realization of what he had said sunk in for him. As I am constantly telling him, what he lacks in brains he makes up for in looks lol!

He quickly fired off an email to his sister and before long we were talking excitedly over the phone. There were still a few hurdles to cross. Would PDD give enough money to make it worth her while? Would it be a problem that she is related to the Princess? Was this too much for Ashley to take on, as she would just barely turn 18 before the move. Her Mom reassured me that she was used to taking on a lot of responsibilities and would be perfectly capable.

I didn’t know Ashley very well, but what I had seen had impressed me. A very bright, responsible and mature young lady, she was always kind to the Princess and included her.

Could this be our answer????

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