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Mom Breathes Deeply Part 6

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Ok, we have PDD approval for Ashley to be the Princess’s supportive roommate, I have informed the tenant he has to be out by July 1, 2011, we are awaiting approval of PDD funding, what else did we need to do? Oh yeah – tell the Princess!

I decided that when I told her the news, I would videotape her response. I knew she would be excited and I wanted to capture it. To be honest, the video didn’t do justice to her reaction. It didn’t show her legs shaking, or pick up on the quiver in her voice. I thought she was going to come right off her chair.

I am not sure if she was more excited about the possibility of moving out or just that it would be Ashley she would be moving in with! I don’t think she could have been more excited if I had told her Hannah Montana was in the other room. Yes, that excited.

I had fun posting the video to my Facebook account and sharing her reaction with our family and friends. People from all over rejoiced with her.

We had a lot of fun as we started talking about what this would mean for her. She would need a new bedroom suite, because we would be keeping her room at our house set up. She would be coming to stay with us every second weekend so she needed her bedroom here.

We had a dining room table in the basement that could be moved back to the house, Ashley had a TV and DVD player, we had a computer trolley and my hubby was donating his old computer so the Princess could stay hooked up to Facebook. Ashley had lots of kitchen stuff, but we would need to track down a used washing machine and dryer… the list kept growing.

The list we were starting on was just about the usual logistics of a teenager moving out. We hadn’t even begun to discuss the bigger issues like how would she access transportation here in suburbia? How long would it take to train Ashley on the Princesses diabetes? How would we handle her budget?

It wasn’t too long before my head was swirling. So many things to think about. In amongst all that we would need to figure out to make sure the Princess was safe and happy, was a Mum who was reeling.

We really hadn’t thought the Princess would be looking at moving out for a minimum of a year down the road. This was way ahead of schedule. My baby, my very last child, was leaving home. For the past 28 years, I had a child in the house to raise. Now the last one was flying the nest. I really wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I know I was thrilled and excited for her. Pleased that things would work so well for Ashley as well.

I remember an evening not long after telling the Princess when she came into our room one night. She had fallen asleep but woken up for some reason. She came to the door of our room in her pink pajamas, hair tussled, pale face, eyes full of sleep – you parents know the look I am describing. I looked at her and felt a moment of panic. I couldn’t let her move away from her Mum!! She wasn’t ready! She was just a baby! I let her crawl into bed beside me and snuggle, waiting for the feeling to pass.

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