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Money Part 9

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Well, it has begun. I am already starting to think about how we are going to balance the whole government benefits and long-term care issues for the Princess.

The AISH rules seem to be that a recipient can not have $100,000 or they get cut off. If they have over $3,000 and they apply for extra benefits (such as having AISH pay for medic alert services and bracelets) then they will be denied.

She has four months before she moves out. That means she will probably have about $5,200 in her bank account, without counting her parttime job savings. Not close to $100k, that is for sure, but over the $3,000. This also means we have to make sure if someone has decided to leave her money in their will, that it is put into an RRSP (exempt from the 100k rule from what I can tell) or in some other way protect her from losing her benefits. I believe there is some type of way of wording a will which will put it into a type of trust and not interfere with her AISH.

All of these things we need to try and figure out. The problem is, I am not sure who has the definitive word on this. Do I trust the girl at AISH who didn’t know what congenital meant and told us we wouldn’t be getting any type of benefits card – even though it came in the mail with her first payment? Is it a lawyer?

Just another bit of figuring out we need to do. In the meantime, my daughter now has more expendable income than I do lol!

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