Our Raising Adult Children Story

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My three children who I raised to become adult children. My proof that once a parent, always a parent

There is no book on how to be a parent once your children are grown!

When I was ridiculously young, I became a mother. Four years and then ten years later, I had two more. I had three children who spanned the ages; at one point I had a child in elementary, junior and senior high school. No one explained that once you are a parent, you are a parent for life.

It was hard to imagine then that life would ever be any different; that there might come a time when there were no kids in the house. And we would become the parents of adult children. I assumed my job was “done” once they grew up. At least, that is what I thought if I bothered to think about it at all. To be honest, I never really thought about what it would be like to be raising adult children.

You Never Stop Raising a Child; Once a Parent Always a Parent

I laugh at that woman.

I hadn’t counted on the fact that you never stop being a parent. Ever. Whether your child grows up, moves out and never gives you a moment of worry, if they are born with or acquire a disability or if you lose them to suicide. You will always be their parent.

But no one prepared me for that. No one told me it would feel like unchartered territory. There is no book called “What to Expect When You Are the Parent of an Adult Child.” Last time I checked Amazon anyway.

This website is an attempt to bring all the things I have learned about raising an adult child with mental illness or with a disability. How to be a parent to an adult who has passed away or just how to parent an adult child going through a divorce, bankruptcy or depression.

I hope this site gives you hope and makes you realize that you are not in this alone! – Carla

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