Ways to Celebrate Your Lost Adult Child

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36 ways to recognize your child on special dates

Pretty flowers that celebrate your adult child

There are endless ways you can memorialize and celebrate your adult child when they are no longer with you. Whether you are wondering what to do on your deceased child’s birthday, at Christmas, their death anniversary or any other special day, there is no end of ideas to honour your loved one.

When deciding what to do, consider your personality, the personality of the child you lost and what the family is comfortable doing.

  1. Create small paper boats that have messages written on them and float them down a river.
  2. Set off fireworks.
  3. Light a candle, gather and share memories.
  4. Light a candle and place it in your front window.
  5. Take an ad out in your local newspaper.
  6. Invite friends to donate to a charity in your loved one’s name.
  7. Throw a party and ask everyone to be prepared to talk about their favorite memory of your child.
  8. Plan an outing where you participate in their favourite sport (organize a softball, soccer, football game) together.
  9. Set up a scholarship in your child’s name.
  10. Have a quilt made out of their favorite clothes.
  11. Visit their grave/interment spot. Leave a small token such as a stone or release butterflies.
  12. See if your town offers the ability to dedicate or purchase a bench with their name on it.
  13. Participate in a walk or run and wear a t-shirt with their name on it.
  14. Cook their favourite meal
  15. Donate their clothes (if you are ready) to charity
  16. Visit a place of worship to say a prayer.
  17. Create a meme to post on social media that has a saying that reminds you of them and include at the bottom the words “In Memory of…”
  18. Purchase a star and name it after them
  19. Plant a tree, a flower or some vegetables.
  20. Get a memorial tattoo
  21. Create a music playlist
  22. Invite people to write on a small stone a word to describe your child. Place them in a jar and scatter them around your property so you can come across them randomly.
  23. Adopt their favorite type of pet (make sure you are ready to care for it)
  24. Donate a gift you would have bought for your child to a local charity.
  25. Name a rose after them
  26. Bury a time capsule with photos and mementos
  27. Take a class to learn how to do something artistic like ceramic, painting or pottery. Create something in their name.
  28. Create a memory garden
  29. Make a tribute video. Ask your child’s friends to contribute.
  30. At Christmas, put up your child’s stocking and ask family members to add things that remind them of your child. Have each person talk about its significance.
  31. Send flowers to people who are missing your child too.
  32. Create a tradition. They loved lasagne? Have that on their birthday every year.
  33. Create a memorial pillow out of their clothes.
  34. Gather your family to work at a soup kitchen or a cause that was important to your child.
  35. Play their favorite music and dance with abandon.
  36. Purchase a star map for the day they were born.

Whatever way you choose to honor your child, please make sure your plans are allowed in your part of the world or that it does not harm the environment. And whatever you do, take care of you.

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