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Working Out the Details Part 4

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I didn’t want to talk to the Princess just yet about our plans. I knew she would be very excited if I told her she might have an opportunity to live with Ashley and I didn’t want to set her up for disappointment if it didn’t work out.

It took a few weeks to make sure that PDD would be ok with the arrangement, that the renters in the house could be out by July 1, and to line up a bunch of other logistical details.

I met with the PDD worker one more time and she gave me a monthly dollar figure of how much she would be asking the PDD board to approve for the Princesses roommate. It was more than I had originally thought so I was quite pleased. It would be enough for Ashley to pay her share of the rent, and still have some left over. This was in contrast to her parents having to pay $400/month to have her live in residence. Something neither she nor them were very keen on.

This had all the makings of a win/win situation!

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